Bamboo Rose: Architects of Smarter Retail

Bamboo Rose: Architects of Smarter Retail

Sue Welch, CEO, Bamboo RoseSue Welch, CEO The world is getting smarter with every minute. The transition is unbelievably rapid specifically for the retail industry, to an extent that what seems to be trending in the market at present could turn obsolete in no time. With such a pace of the modern digital economy, the retail industry has witnessed a massive impact on the global supply chain. The past methods of production and distribution are no longer viable to sustain the fast and fluctuating pace of consumer trends and preferences. Consequently, this development has the modern retailers on the lookout for innovative approaches that will help them to efficiently manage the supply chain from customer to concept. This is where Bamboo Rose comes to their rescue as a provider of product innovation and multi-enterprise supply chain platform that connects the retail community to discover, develop, and deliver products at the rate of digital speed.

With a seasoned workforce comprised of retail experts, Bamboo Rose brings decades of industry experience to facilitate the optimization of the entire retail community, products, and supply chain, while reducing risks and developing more innovative products. Equipped with an intuitive digital B2B platform, the company specializes in providing solutions such as Digital Marketplace , PLM, Sourcing, PO Management, GTM, and Financing.

A Multi-Functionality Platform

The Bamboo Rose Marketplace functionality provides a single platform for suppliers and retailers allowing both parties to work with greater collaboration on product ideas, decreasing sampling costs, and providing faster time to market. Along with a digital inventory and record of products and samples, the platform provides real-time sales data while tracking customer feedback and trending patterns. For suppliers, the platform digitally showcases a broader range of samples available and reduces the cost of sample requests and setups for buyer trips. It also enables the suppliers to visually understand the ideas and concepts of buyers and receive feedback from them earlier in the design cycle. The platform also allows the retailers to go mobile on the marketplace providing them with an advanced competitive edge. As a result, the retailers can manage assortment planning and significantly improve collaboration with internal teams in one digital interface.

Bamboo Rose retail product lifecycle management (PLM) is the single solution for design, development, and testing of private label and branded merchandise starting right from the initial inspiration to specification.

With a widespread reputation for trendsetting and product innovation, Adidas matches Bamboo Rose’s approach to communities, merchandising and social technology

The PLM enables retailers and suppliers to develop quality merchandise and reduce cycle times. Bamboo Rose supports the simplest processes to the most sophisticated ones irrespective of whether the design is done in-house, collaboratively with partners, or products are bought directly from suppliers. The company helps the retailers get the right products to market at the right time and at the right price.

By implementing PLM, and leveraging real-time design and development collaboration, customers experience about 20-50 percent cycle time reduction with less number of manual tasks. The sampling costs are highly reduced through standardized design elements and better visual communication of product requirements. Through Adobe integration, product designs are uploaded in the central library and ideas are shared significantly faster. It also helps the retailers to exponentially improve their product quality, brand packaging, color consistency, component, and material. The PLM further reduces the administration’s efforts by automatically adjusting to different markets and channel variations.

Bamboo Rose offers Digital Sourcing that unifies the global sourcing process for retailers and suppliers. With the help of this intelligent platform, retailers can plan and source across channels, initiate requests for quote, analyze costs, compare bids, selectively share information with suppliers, and even complete negotiations. The Digital Sourcing enables organizations to lock down factory capacity, understand and manage consumption and liabilities while effortlessly tracking production status. The global digital sourcing platform exhibits the financial impact of the design, materials, and assortments and provides a detailed review against plans to achieve profit margins at the department, banner or company level. This, in turn, allows the retailers to increase efficiency and improve their margins through online comparison of quotes and negotiations with suppliers. Through Bamboo Rose, a large portion of modern retailers, suppliers, freight forwarders, carriers, and customs brokers have a single unified view of their financial, logistics, and compliance information across the supply chain. The company’s solutions integrate quality control, supplier compliance, import, export, supply chain, customs, and finance. With a deep regulatory and country-specific intelligence embedded into the platform, Bamboo Rose is providing a worldwide, centralized solution that helps retailers in mitigating supply chain and compliance risk.

The intelligence-embedded platform of Bamboo Rose automates testing based on product, material, and market attributes while recording results from internal or external labs for traceability.
Through continuous alerting and exception management across QA/QC issues, the company eliminates the risk of product quality and safety inadequacy. The company monitors whether all the trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements, thus protecting the customer’s brand while also managing their social and ethical compliance through factory audits, inspections and corrective action plans, all included within a single platform. Bamboo Rose’s intelligence platform enables its clients to get a complete control over commercial and customer invoices, duty, freight, and other service costs. The platform further integrates with financial institutions and ERP systems to seamlessly handle currency conversions, hedging, and payment processing. The singular platform usage significantly reduces complexity with constituting a unified medium to connect importers and exporters with overseas suppliers, logistics providers, brokers, carriers, and finance institutions.

Riding the Trend

A recent case study of the company’s engagement with Adidas accurately attributes Bamboo Rose’s dexterity in space. As a world-renowned retail brand, Adidas has a widespread reputation for trendsetting and product innovation, that complements Bamboo Rose’s approach to communities, merchandising and social technology. Bamboo Rose brings together a world-class community of internal merchants, retail partners and product suppliers using a single collaborative marketplace to increase sales at the full margin for the Adidas’ Neo collections. Bamboo Rose enables Adidas to share what is trending in real-time across the community so the company can quickly adjust its orders with the suppliers to meet trends as they emerge. Adidas re-balances orders and commitments in real time to ensure the right products are present in the right markets at the right time. If certain products go non-responsive in a particular market, the community members identify the pain points and communicate corrective actions quickly. Through collaboration, both Adidas and the retailers carrying their Neo products, benefit from increased sales, faster product turns, and better margin protection. The unprecedented agility afforded by Bamboo Rose is not just a ke y competitive driver for Adidas, but a critical tool, to set and capture trends as they arise, making Adidas and the retail partners it sells to even more responsive to customer demands.

"Bamboo Rose retail product lifecycle management (PLM) is the single solution for design, development, and testing of private label and branded merchandise starting right from the initial inspiration to specification"

As the retail industry transcends deep into the digital realm, additional challenges are bound to emerge in layers that were previously unknown. However, being at par with the latest technologies and trends and working closely with the retailers, supplier and the consumers, Bamboo Rose is well positioned to take on these challenges head-on. The company values collaboration as a requisite to its business and holding it as a driving force behind its proliferation has not only reaped benefits for Bamboo Rose but the entire retail community as a whole.
- Ashwani Kumar
    November 21, 2018