CitiXsys: Enhancing the In-Store Shopping Experience with iVend

CitiXsys: Enhancing the In-Store Shopping Experience with iVend

Kamal Karmakar, CEO, CitiXsysKamal Karmakar, CEO
The rise of a new era of software and the trends driving the change has brought out many new methods in the retail business. Firms in the retail landscape, however, face challenges in leveraging business details to enhance the cross-channel customer experience and in keeping pace with modern technology like retail Point of Sale (POS). Trends such as cloud and mobile technology have given greater access to data and analytical tools for solving complex problems of retail strategy and operations. Bringing these features to the forefront in retail vertical is the New York based organization, CitiXsys, which offers solutions to capture data and turns information into intelligence. In the words of Kamal Karmakar, CEO of CitiXsys, “Our services enable physical and on-line retailers or supplychain intermediaries to engage in business on a real-time basis.”

CitiXsys’s flagship product iVend Retail enhances the customer experience with a powerful and fully integrated retail management system. The software supports any terminal and enables multi-store, multi-user, e-commerce, along with the loyalty-ready ability feature. With the userfriendly interface, pricing, discount, and returns are easily taken care of. Retailers can leverage iVend Retail solutions through an integrated SMS service that would also benefit them and their clients. “Through this retailers can also send SMS of specific keywords through the application and receive configured reports of the store or any product via email,” adds Karmakar. To track sales and inventories, the firm utilizes the Merchandise Hierarchy, which is a reporting structure under which products are tracked and managed. “iVend Retail enables retailers to take informed business decisions, where the forecast is done based on product group, categories, and reporting structure,” affirms Karmakar. CitiXsys also provides interactive business intelligence dashboards that can be accessed within the iVend Management Console or any standard browser.

iVend Retails enables retailers to take informed business decisions, where the forecast is done based on product group, categories, and reporting structure

In addition, the Mobile POS application helps in the execution point of configurations done at the Head Office of a business enabling them to regulate stores at different locations. With this application, retailers are able to process sales anywhere along with inventory look-ups, wireless payments, and powerful retail workflows. Mobile POS allows store executives to up-sell items while interacting with customers. “Mobile POS is much more cost effective than the retail peripherals for terminal POS,” says Karmakar.

With the company’s iVend Cloud, equal opportunities are provided to retailers of all sizes to cope up with the logistical and operational challenges in maintaining expensive, resource intensive IT infrastructure. It also allows retailers to scale up the Enterprise Class retail operations and expand their footprints with streamlined operations, cost optimizations, and unparallel agility for faster response to dynamic market.

iVend Retail of CitiXsys was utilized by IHNSA, a capital goods and spares company in Mexico to update their retail process. The client faced problems in synchronizing data between branches and head-office. Apart from that timely replication of documents was not provided and the client received non-verified information. By leveraging CitiXsys’s solutions, the client was able to perform integrated data management that led to reliable functionality and on-time data and report availability.

CitiXsys now plans to expand the features of their solutions to offer a more elegant and streamlined interface. “Our vision is to make retailers profitable with our wide network of qualified partners who believe in creating a focused retail software practice,” concludes Karmakar.