Deposco: Radical Optimization of Supply Chain Operations

Deposco: Radical Optimization of Supply Chain Operations

Bill Gibson, CEO, DeposcoBill Gibson, CEO
According to Bill Gibson, CEO of Deposco, today’s retail supply chain operations have become much more complex than ever before. With a number of dynamic forces in play, including sourcing practices, managing orders, warehousing, diversification in sales, and distribution formats, retailers need to develop new approaches and strategies to serve their customers, but are often encumbered with legacy retail and supply chain systems. Also, businesses take an omni-channel fulfillment approach to adapt to the current and future e-commerce trends and consumer preferences by streamlining all the components of their supply chain. Made up of six applications, this is where Deposco’s Bright Suite comes in, addressing challenges at each corner of the retail supply chain. “From warehouse management to fulfilling customer orders, Deposco assists retailers to streamline its supply chain operations by reducing costs and complexity, which allows them to focus on the quality of service for its customers,” states Gibson.

Deposco’s Bright Suite cloud-based supply chain applications empower retailers, distributors, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and brand companies to optimally allocate, source, and fulfill customer orders across multiple channels, all on one platform. The Bright Suite applications include enterprise-grade Distributed Order Management (DOM)— Bright Order, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management (WMS)—Bright Warehouse, Vendor Management—Bright Source, integrated Point of Sale—Bright Store, Forecasting and Reporting—Bright Performance, along with consulting services and integrated hardware—Bright Socket.

“Embedded in our Bright Suite applications are advanced e-commerce and omni-channel specific capabilities which enable retailers to maintain real-time inventory visibility, automate order processing, optimize order picking, barcode, cross dock, drop ship, reduce labor costs, and more,” adds Gibson. With complete end-to-end control, monitoring and company-wide inventory visibility, retailers can be prepared for on demand sourcing and fulfillment strategies that meet the extremes brought on by peak seasons, promotion and new product launches.

From warehouse management to fulfilling customer orders, we assist retailers to streamline its supply chain operations by reducing costs and complexity

These capabilities also enable retailers to improve their service levels, while synchronizing and streamlining data flows between e-commerce, marketplace, accounting, and marketing systems.

Gibson specifically points-out that Deposco’s differentiator lies in its ability to drive enterprise-class applications for supporting the full spectrum of retail management by providing the cloud solution for real-time decisions and nimble supply chains that scale to peak fulfillment patterns. Deposco supports fulfillment with over 50 countries by integrating numerous ecommerce, and payment platforms into the Bright Suite. In one instance, Designer Eyes—a multichannel retailer of high quality eyewear with a focus on high-end service—wanted to expand their business beyond the traditional B2B model and turn their entire network of customer warehouses and stores to a true multi-channel fulfillment operation. Upon approaching Deposco, Bright Suite assisted them in their entire omnichannel retail through a cloud based fulfillment and warehouse management and POS solutions. Furthermore, Deposco’s Bright Suite of applications was also customized to fit Designer Eyes’ operational requirements and budget, thereby increasing revenue growth. “We serve as a catalyst for improved process, inventory visibility, and business intelligence, we hold on to our mantra— ‘ORANGE: Open, Respectful, Accountable, Nimble, Giving and Excellence’.”

With the tremendous omni-channel growth worldwide, the firm aims to extend its services globally to help retailers deliver quality experiences to satisfy today’s consumers and edge out the competition. “We are now in the process of rolling-out a new application— Bright Customers—which will give retailers a complete view of about their customers’ buying patterns in stores and as well as online. The insights will allow retailers to offer a seamless customer experience and achieve significant market advantage,” concludes Gibson.