Futura Retail Solution: Retail POS Solution with Omni-Channel Capability

Futura Retail Solution: Retail POS Solution with Omni-Channel Capability

Vanjo Wandscher, CEO, Futura Retail SolutionVanjo Wandscher, CEO
With the changing business dynamics and increasing competition, the retail industry is undergoing a significant change in terms of enhancing business process, and bridging the gap between offline and digital channels. Organizations are now aiming towards investing in omni channels to improve the customer satisfaction level. “However, with the steep prices for retail POS and ERP offerings, SMBs are unable to access these tools to gain a positive ROI,” begins Vanjo Wandscher, CEO, Futura Retail Solutions. In addition, CIOs also face many hurdles in managing unified retail platform which is a complex affair that can make or break a company. Futura Retail aims to counter this stigma by providing cost-effective solutions designed to tackle the complexities experienced. “Futura4Retail serves all areas of a company and avoids losses from markdowns and increases margins,” says Wandscher.

The firm’s flagship offering, Futura4POS, runs on different types of hardware compatible with ERP systems eases operation by providing live stock checks and omni-channel integration. Futura4POS can also be used to run loyalty systems with the integrated CRM and gift card system.

Futura4Omnichannel, another offering of Futura Retail makes the clients’ stocks available for online sale and manages data. The platform manages all the sales data and integrates e-commerce, POS software, and retail management processes under one canopy to their clients. The Morleys Stores Group, in London, is one such client who experienced these benefits first hand.
The client wanted to gain uniformity in their existing retail systems that they used in the six stores to meet their multi-channel merchandising needs. By picking Futura Retail, the client was able to undertake detailed sales analysis, improve their understanding of sales patterns, and increase staff productivity. Upon implementing Futura4Retail solution in its stores, the customer experienced a significant reduction in waiting times, improved margins, and optimized stock levels and heightened employee efficiencies across the business. Futura Retail is also helping the client to launch a new loyalty program in the client’s Elys store to drive up customer loyalty.

Futura4Retail serves all areas of a company and avoids losses from mark-downs and increases margins

To fully equip users, Futura Retail also offers training programs designed to improve the users’ understanding of the Futura Retail platform. The training is offered as both onsite-training initiatives and as webinars to ease access. The firm attributes its ability to offer its stellar platform, services, and training to its agile methodology in running operations. “Despite of being a small company, we are able to provide support at a global level. This is due to us incorporating scrum, an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology, into our workflow,” says Wandscher. Serving a dynamic industry vertical, being able to switch from one strategy to the next is essential to staying ahead of the competition.

In addition to providing robust and reliable retail solutions, Futura Retail also focuses on new technology like Google glasses and smart watches to discern how they will shape the field of retail services. For the future, Futura Retail plans on expanding its compelling suite of offerings. The company aims to expand its geographical footprint to explore new market frontiers.