Opterus Inc.: Untangling the Retail Communications Environment

Opterus Inc.: Untangling the Retail Communications Environment

CIO VendorJanet Hawkins, President & CEO
Opterus is a SaaS company that started development ten years ago, developing a multi-tenant application specifically designed for retailers to solve their communications and task management needs,” says Janet Hawkins, President and CEO, Opterus. Today, Opterus brings to the table a retail execution management tool that can be thought of as an instant store portal, vendable for retailers. “Retail customers are often scouting for task management solutions because their communications and operations teams require an effective way to communicate to their stores while ensuring compliance and accountability,” informs Janet. Opterus's easy to implement SaaS solution—Store Ops-Center— is the perfect alternative for retailers looking for simplified store communication as it replaces the mundane task of collecting and consolidating of emails, traditional mail bags, and faxes, etc.

Opterus' Store Ops-Center, is a “one-stop-shop” for retail operations and an all-inclusive web-based solution, featuring a multitude of modules that allow retailers to manage store information consistently across the enterprise. The solution can also be accessed through an iOS mobile app or Android app on different smart devices. The core Store Ops-Center functionality encompasses modules such as Message Center, Task Manager, Tickets, Store Audits and Calendar. Designed specifically for the retail sector, Store Ops- Center continues to be proliferated with newer modules at regular intervals. Store Ops-Center, is a tool retailers can use to connect and empower associates, provide real time access to production information, best practices, effective communication and knowledge so they are ready to provide a consistent and excellent experience for your customers. “Having a more effective, efficient and productive way to communicate to store management and associates, can streamline communications, leading to higher execution rates, higher conversion and sales,” explains Janet.

Store Ops-Center’s other value-adding modules include Knowledge Base and Audit modules. The Audit module can be employed to carry out both store and personal audits that encompasses employee assessment, testing, and training, and traditional full-store audits.

Retail customers are often scouting for task management solutions because their communications and operations teams require an effective way to communicate to their stores while ensuring compliance and accountability

The Knowledge Base module can be used to house product information, potentially managed by different buyers, to share important product information they want the stores to easily access. Employee comments and questions can be managed centrally providing a place for sales associates to get quick information and answers to questions about products and potentially share selling information that’s working for them with all associates. Each knowledge entry can fall under certain people to divide responsibilities and manage the stores based on real-time information. “For instance if a retail store is doing exceptionally well in selling a particular product because of an employee’s extra-ordinary approach, these insights can be shared with the entire enterprise to create a learning environment,” exudes Janet.

Having acquired a reputation for being steadfast in their commitments, the team at Opterus is driven by the ideology of serving their customers with unwavering loyalty. In one instance, a retail store leveraged Opterus's Form module for an in-store promotional campaign where associates had to all wear promotional clothing. The form was designed to easily collect sizing information of staff ensuring they had the right number and the right sizes. The task to collect this information historically would have taken approximately 3 months, but was completed within a couple of days using Store Ops-Center’s Form module.

Surging ahead aggressively, the firm is working on multiple modules to make their system functionally richer. They have already added functionality for capacity management and workload planning which enables retailers to optimize their schedule, plan their work, and assign work load to personnel who would execute it flawlessly and measure success. In their most recent release, v16.3, Opterus has launched an updated dashboard module. It has been revamped to support multiple custom dashboards, different "dashlet" types, SOC links, version control and more.