Retail Pro International: Effective Retail Management Software for Specialty Retail

Retail Pro International: Effective Retail Management Software for Specialty Retail

Kerry Lemos, CEO, Retail Pro InternationalKerry Lemos, CEO
From the genesis of retail, organizations have put a central spotlight on customer engagement. As digital technologies break down the boundaries between brands and consumers, forward-thinking retailers need to use effective retail management applications and software to forge strong bonds of loyalty and trust with their customers. Well-positioned to address the current need, Retail Pro International is providing innovative retail software solutions to assist organizations in optimizing business operations while focussing on developing customer engagement and capitalizing on retail's trends. The company delivers feature-rich retail management software along with point of sale, store operations, merchandising, business intelligence, and multi-channel applications to specialty stores. “We empower vendors to achieve customer engagement by offering a unique, scalable, reliable, and highly customizable retail management solution,” begins Kerry Lemos, CEO of Retail Pro. “We offer proven solutions for worldwide retailers, ensuring them with robust features, and local support everywhere for multiple currencies, taxations, and regional regulatory policies.”

The company’s product Retail Pro 9 is a comprehensive retail management software solution that augments operational competency, delivers amplified productivity and broaden net revenues. The architecture of Retail Pro 9 has been designed to support every retailer's unique requirements. “Whether organizations need to integrate their businesses ERP or accounting system or augment Retail Pro to match their way of doing business Retail Pro 9's robust API provides a foundation to lend itself well to adaptation,” says Lemos. With powerful and robust reporting module built within Retail Pro 9, customers have a wide array of standard reports to help organizations make better and more informed decisions. Retail Pro’s solution integrates with many of the world's leading accounting, merchandising, CRM, ERP, and business analytic systems.

The company’s most recent retail administration programming, Retail Pro Prism POS collaborates with Retail Pro 9's complete

elements with updated architecture and enhanced adaptability on each level at the POS. “Prism provides agility, information security, precision, and operational control for specialty retailers with reduced hardware and technical support requirements,” points out Lemos. “Our real-time communications features keep enterprises’ retail systems up-to-date with the right data, updated as often as client’s business demands.” The company developed Retail Pro Prism to harness the power of three leading industry database platforms - Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL, giving enterprises the choice to select the database technology that best fits their business processes and budget.

Retail Pro holds a track record of empowering specialty retailers by providing the ability to tailor retail software that fits the exact needs of their business. In one such instance, one of Retail Pro’s client William Penn, a multi-brand retailer, was facing challenges as their rapid growth over short term brought new problems to the organization. The organization needed to consolidate their operations for continued successful expansion. William Penn’s main growth requirement was a comprehensive and user-friendly inventory management and Point of Sale system to maintain effectual operations and control. Retail Pro’s solutions helped William Penn to expand their number of stores and improved their operational efficiency, while increasing productivity. “William Penn leveraged our retail expertise and technical know-how to meet their various stores requirements,” adds Lemos.

We empower vendors to achieve customer engagement by offering a unique, scalable, reliable, and highly customizable retail management solution

Retail Pro supports organizations to create unparalleled customer experience by extending tools that can engage shoppers and deliver highly personalized and excellent shopping experiences. Driven by advancement and thought leadership, the company now plans to improve and expand with the new demands and requirements of the market, extending services that will assist specialty retailers to develop and innovate rapidly.