Retail Pro International: Omnichannel Retail Management Redefined

Retail Pro International: Omnichannel Retail Management Redefined

CIO VendorKerry Lemos, CEO The evolution of Point-of-sale (POS) systems today can be attributed to the retailers' need for accuracy in inventory control and centralization of their supply chain operations. With the emergence of modern POS technologies, the use of standalone systems is being fast replaced by POS software that can be integrated with other retailing platforms as well. With their customizable POS and retail management solutions, Folsom, CA-based Retail Pro International cater to the needs of multi-location or multi-regional specialty retailers keen on implementing holistic retail management solutions. Retail Pro's specific focus on the functionality required for POS in a specialty retail environment is evident in their retail software solutions designed to bridge the cross-platform barriers faced by the retailers across different sectors.

In addition to delivering increased productivity, Retail Pro’s retail management solutions play an instrumental role in fulfilling the aspirations of retailers to deliver on their brand promise through a unique cross-channel engagement approach. The firm addresses this digital convergence of selling channels—brick-and-mortar and eCommerce— thereby enabling merchants to ensure consistent pricing across all channels. “Today’s retailers are well aware that price matters, but so does service, whether that’s in person or online. The multiple channels through which they engage customers must be complementary, not contradictory,” explains Kerry Lemos, CEO of Retail Pro International.

Upholding the Pillars of Retail Management

Enterprise-wide supply chain visibility and seamless merchandising processes have for long been the stanchions of omnichannel initiatives and a transparent retail experience. The well-integrated and customizable workflow offered by Retail Pro’s retail management software helps retailers to expand the scope of their operations within a short time-frame. Retail Pro's flagship retail software platform, Retail Pro Prism was developed with a vision to take care of the mundane yet mission-critical retailing processes so that the retailers could instead focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
Designed to help retailing enterprises with accelerating the creation of an informed engagement continuum, Retail Pro Prism serves as an integrated retail management tool focused on efficiently supporting the cross-platform functionalities and real-time communication capabilities. The software sports feature rich front POS, Store Operations, and Back Office applications with additional in-depth reporting and analytics. It offers total control for multi-subsidiary, multi-tax, and multi-currency retailers operating on a global scale. With an adaptable design that makes it seamlessly integrable with various ERP systems, loyalty, analytics or business platforms, Retail Pro Prism's modular application is based on a unique deployment approach which allows retailers to opt for retail tools that are relevant to their business needs. For instance, a typical brick-and-mortar store chain can position their stores for expansion with the help of Retail Pro Prism’s POS and retail management solution.

We have a prestigious customer base, a global network of retail savvy channel partners, a proven product, and an experienced and skilled employee team—all the ingredients we need for unbridled success

Additionally, the flexible user interface of Retail Pro Prism allows retailers to customize the product to suit their preferences. The platform also offers an option for real-time communication, to ensure that retail systems are regularly updated with the right data based on the business demands. This immediate access to the precise data at a moment’s notice substantially improves the decision-making processes within the retail enterprises. Equipped with a centralized communications feature, Retail Pro Prism allows retailer chains to break free from the venue/location constraints to remotely upgrade software, secure their critical data, and modify important details. The modular platform allows retailers to choose from an assortment of retailing modules which can be effortlessly deployed across their business environments to deliver a consistent user experience.

Driving Omni-channel Customer Engagement Initiatives

Retail Pro's retail software supports a retail brand's omnichannel approach by allowing them to create seamless experiences for both in-store and online customers.
The firm enables retailers to craft robust omnichannel customer engagement strategies to engage and retain a major chunk of their customer population. In one instance, LensEye, a specialty retailer of eyewear and eyecare implemented Retail Pro Prism POS and retail management solution to streamline and scale their backend operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Using the Retail Pro platform enabled the client to connect all their retail and customer data across stores and have a 360-degree view of their operations. In addition, LensEye leveraged the platform to have access to real-time updates for a quicker flow of data and amazingly faster checkouts for an enhanced customer experience. Thus, Retail Pro enabled the client to streamline and simplify their retailing processes as they discarded numerous manual administrative processes that were a drain on their resources. The client also gained total visibility across 6 of their stores and now has plans in the anvil to launch more e-commerce integration projects as a part of their unified commerce strategy.

Having identified the advantages of a sustainable customer experience across all sales channels, Retail Pro streamlines the retailers’ omnichannel efforts by helping them gather and analyze customer data so that they have a nuanced comprehension of what the shoppers want. Retail Pro’s state-of-art business intelligence and visual analytics software—Retail Pro Decisions—allows retail chains to benchmark stores and their in-store staff, identify their best-selling products, receive alerts and notifications to take stock of probable deviations, and remotely create additional dashboards. This specific focus on taking the clients from “observation to action faster” has earned Retail Pro the reputation of being a proven customized solution provider for all retail industry needs.

With a client base that ranges from specialty retail outlets to Indie stores, Retail Pro has positioned themselves as the "go-to retail management specialists." According to Lemos, "We have a prestigious customer base, a global network of retail savvy channel partners, a proven product, and an experienced and skilled employee team—all the ingredients we need for unbridled success." Dedicated to helping clients maximize their technology investment in the Retail Pro solutions range, the firm offers them a holistic care system, which has been designed to provide them with continuous software updates, a free lab system, preferred pricing on products, and flexible self-paced training. The firm has perfected their all-in-one retail management platform that syncs perfectly with their robust POS and store management software to give retailers a centralized control of their retail processes.