Telaid: One Stop Source for Multi-Site Technology Deployments

Telaid: One Stop Source for Multi-Site Technology Deployments

CIO VendorScott Patsiga, President
The wave of massive technological disruption that is sweeping across the retail arena needs to be capitalized in order to attract and retain customers and grow revenue. Implementing new technologies with minimal disruption across multiple sites on time and within budget, albeit poses a real challenge. The need of the hour is a dedicated technology partner with deep expertise in infrastructure, security, and deployment, which enables retailers to focus more on their core business strategy of serving customers and creating a long-term and sustainable relationship with them. Set against this backdrop is Telaid, an end-to-end deployment service provider with over 37 years of expertise in executing complex large-scale technology rollouts and upgrades effortlessly.

“Helping retailers choose and implement the technologies that enable them to achieve their business objectives has always been in Telaid’s DNA,” affirms Scott Patsiga, President, Telaid. The firm has been a dedicated customer advocate that supports clients’ mission-critical operations in every retail segment. Telaid contributes to an organization's business goals by providingend-to-end technology lifecycle solutions, wireless and physical security solutions, existing system up gradation and rapid deployments. “Telaid partners with multi-site clients, including 26 of the top 50 retailers, to deliver scalable repeatable outcomes that mitigate risk and deliver on business drivers,” adds Patsiga.

Telaid has developed a unique seven-step methodology “Proven Process.” Coupled with Best of Breed solutions and flawless project management, Telaid’s proven deployment methodology delivers consistent outcomes for clients. The company’s deeply experienced team of consultants leverages the Proven Process to ensure customers’ projects—from technology retrofits to new store build-outs—are deployed with zero defects.

From cabling, IT management to server upgrades, new installations or complete rollouts of new technologies, Telaid can handle projects with reduced time, task, risk, and cost.

Understanding the massive scope of the project, the breadth of mission-critical technologies involved, and the need for responsiveness and flexibility, is what makes us unique

No matter the size and scope of the project, users can leverage Telaid’s Proven Process to ensure that every device is staged, configured, and shipped to minimize time, hassle, and errors on-location. Telaid’s Technology Solution Center (TSC) is the backbone of the zero-defect model, which can handle the most complex problems efficiently on-time and onbudget. Clients rely on Telaid to ensure that IT and physical security hardware and infrastructure are live and functional for plug-and-play implementation of new store technology.TSC keeps track of the customer’s technology assets throughout their lifecycle, from initial system design and installation, through support and maintenance to reverse logistics and uninstall.

Per Patsiga, “Understanding the massive scope of the project, the breadth of mission-critical technologies involved, and the need for responsiveness and flexibility, is what makes us unique in the market.” The firm recognizes that access to reliable, secure wireless networks is critical for retailers in day-to-day operations and customer service. “Wireless infrastructure is a big part of our action plan,” asserts Patsiga. Wireless networks in retail stores also support mission-critical operations like RFID, POS, and inventory management, as well as a superior customer experience. Telaid encompasses proven best practices and comprehensive IT expertise to deliver wireless networks that meet specified performance criteria of retailers required to handle multiple devices including handhelds for inventory scanning, package management, order fulfillment, equipment monitoring systems, IoT sensors and more. Telaid also provides an added benefit of combining RFID and video solutions to not only prevent merchandise loss but also to identify in-store traffic shopping patterns and customer preferences.

In tandem with the IoT revolution, building the connected warehouse is a milestone in maximizing warehouse efficiency. Telaid creates a fully connected warehouse environment for reaping cost benefits, reducing the labor force and streamlining operations for several of the world’s largest retailers. “We pride ourselves on being agile, responsive, consistent, and an ally to our clients and partners,” concludes Patsiga.