WooPOS: Fast and Easy Retail POS for Ultimate Customer Experience

WooPOS: Fast and Easy Retail POS for Ultimate Customer Experience

Benny Zhu, Founder & CEO, WooPOSBenny Zhu, Founder & CEO
Ever imagined the disappointment of discovering the unavailability of a product after reaching the store? Sure, online shopping makes purchasing a product seem easy, but the additional $50 shipping charges incurred induce a vast majority of the retailers to stick to offline stores. This frustrating episode highlights the plight of numerous retailers who struggle with inventory management to deliver a seamless and integrated multi-store experience.

As a veteran of retail POS industry for over 20 years and rich expertise in software development, Benny Zhu, Founder & CEO of WooPOS, points out that retailers need apt POS software to manage their inventory and sales distribution across both, brick-and-mortar and online stores, from one central location in real-time. This is exactly what WooPOS brings to the table.

WooPOS proffers first-rate, versatile and customizable POS, inventory and customer management system, integrated with a popular self-hosting online shopping cart—WooCommerce, to simplify retail business and enhance profits. WooPOS is a robust, highly customizable software platform that leverages Entity Attribute Value (EAV) data model that provides retailers with unparalleled flexibility for data attributes and an assortment of customization options for dynamic operation. WooPOS’ powerful inventory management streamlines tracking, maintaining and visibility of stock levels across multiple sales channels and web stores in real-time. This empowers retailers to effectively handle inventories and transactions such as sales, purchase orders, transfers, and adjustments while managing trending sales distribution across multiple locations. “WooPOS takes in product inputs from multiple locations and automatically synchronizes that data between retail brick-and-mortar stores and online WooCommerce store,” states Zhu.

The firm also offers SooPOS, integrated with a popular hosted shopping cart—Shopify, as a quick and easy retail solution for business owners. WooPOS enables retailers to efficiently manage loyalty programs such as points, memberships, gift certificates, and gift cards, to expand customer relationships and maximize omnichannel effectiveness.

WooPOS takes in product inputs from multiple locations and automatically synchronizes that data between retail brick-and-mortar stores and online WooCommerce store

“With over 500 reports and options, and a spectrum of variables and query filters to identify trends, our software helps retailers collect and analyze customer data to drive intelligent business decisions. This provides complete visibility of sales and inventory, store performance, sales force and the products that bring in revenue,” Zhu adds. WooPOS guarantees unlimited installation of its enterprise-level POS software and backup on personal computers and laptops with full offline functionality for business owners, either working at home, traveling or on a trade show.

WooPOS graces its clientele with a simplified software installation process and connectivity to WooCommerce, to synchronize products, customers and order data while leveraging WooPOS’ cloud database to synchronize multiple local databases without additional costs. Recently, one of WooPOS’ clients, Vacuums R Us—a full-service vacuum store in Colorado offering a diverse selection of new and refurbished vacuum cleaners, had the repairs and maintenance performed onsite by seasoned technicians. However, Vacuum R Us needed a robust POS system to track their customers and special orders. The client was faced with a challenge of frequently creating new work orders, adding special ordered parts to the work order, and retaining customer’s machine at the store with an attached work order for service. After implementing WooPOS in their infrastructure, the client was able to effectively track customer order with a simplified and efficient workflow.

With over 30 years of experience in retail POS software development and having released its Android application on Google Play Store, WooPOS launched its first integrated payment page with WorldPay for the US merchants earlier this year. Upon recently joining the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), WooPOS strives to leverage its in-depth expertise in the field of retail software to develop a new web-based hybrid POS system that enables simultaneous operations of both online-based and offline Windows-based systems. “We will increase payment integrations and add more shopping carts to provide flexibility, and a wide variety of choices for users,” Zhu concludes.

WooPOS News

OrVance Announces Global Launch of OrthoDots® CLEAR

Ann Arbor, Michigan – OrVance LLC announced at the annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP) conference that OrthoDots® CLEAR is now compliant for sales globally. The company said OrthoDots CLEAR will launch this fall with select global and regional partners and is compliant for sales in the U.S., Canada, the European Union, Australia and 24 other countries.

According to Ron Schutt, OrVance’s CEO, “We prioritized our global compliance program for OrthoDots CLEAR because generic dental wax no longer complies with the quality and regulatory requirements in many leading orthodontic markets. Since launching OrthoDots, we have consistently advocated that the ortho wax we dispense to patients should offer basic quality features such as hygienic single-use packaging, product traceability and tamper evidence—as with all similar healthcare products. None of the generic dental wax currently dispensed to patients in our industry offer these features, which leaves our patients and industry vulnerable.”

According to Dr. Mike Silver, OrVance’s Director of R&D and Technical Affairs, “The commodity dental wax in the market today does not comply with medical device regulations in many major orthodontic markets, including the EU and Australia. We have received a consistent interpretation of this non-compliance from two global regulatory firms, local authorized representatives and even a regulatory authority in one of the leading orthodontic markets in the EU.”

“OrthoDots CLEAR not only provides practices and patients the best solution, but we also now have a technical dossier, CE Marking and product specifications that we believe makes it the most globally compliant orthodontic wax across the leading orthodontic markets in the world.”

Schutt continued, “We chose to make this announcement at the GORP conference because resident programs are quickly embracing OrthoDots CLEAR as the replacement for traditional dental wax. As announced in June, we are funding a Free Product Plan to all Orthodontic Resident Programs in North America that are committed to improving the patient experience and to bring orthodontic wax into compliance with the quality requirements of today’s healthcare products. The response from the resident programs has been extremely positive and we enjoy their partnership.”

OrVance Publishes Consumer Alert on Generic Dental Wax

Grand Rapids, Michigan – OrVance LLC, a developer of proprietary orthodontic products, published a white paper [PDF]to alert consumers about the dental wax that is still commonly dispensed to patients in orthodontic treatment. The company asserts that the generic dental wax dispensed to patients during orthodontic treatment violates current healthcare product quality standards and regulatory requirements.

According to Dr. Mike Silver, OrVance’s Director of R&D and Technical Affairs, “Traditional dental wax is not only obsolete in performance and aesthetics, but it is the last commonly dispensed product in healthcare that has not kept current with several globally accepted quality standards that have been in place for decades. Dental wax comes in contact with saliva, blood, and is occasionally swallowed, so we believe continuing to ignore these quality standards is unacceptable.”

The paper explains four basic quality and safety features that are lacking with generic dental wax and why OrVance has invested to be the first to meet these standards with its OrthoDots® CLEAR product. The four missing features are hygienic packaging, tamper-evident packaging, labeling with product traceability and disclosure of ingredients. In a recent survey of orthodontic residents in the U.S., a majority of residents surveyed believe it is not acceptable to dispense a dental wax product to their patients without these quality and safety features.

“We started this consumer awareness campaign because patients and parents need to know about the importance of these quality features as it relates to products used during orthodontic treatment. Now that we finally brought orthodontic wax into compliance with current quality standards, we are encouraging patients and parents to ask their orthodontist for OrthoDots® CLEAR instead of generic wax,” said Ron Schutt, OrVance’s CEO. “Over the last 18 months we’ve worked hard to educate orthodontic product suppliers, orthodontists, and resident programs about the importance of these quality and safety features. Since most suppliers to the orthodontic profession continue to ignore the issues with dental wax, we are now expanding our focus to educate patients and parents.”

Schutt continued, “The responsibility for product quality and compliance is with the manufacturers and suppliers to the orthodontic industry, so orthodontists have rightfully assumed that the products they purchase for their practice meet basic quality standards. But to most suppliers, generic dental wax is perceived to be OK to sell only because everyone else is still selling it. We have notified over 30 orthodontic product suppliers about the quality and compliance issues with generic dental wax and have received no credible denial or pushback. Yet most suppliers to the orthodontic profession continue to ignore these deficiencies. As we believe this is a critical issue for patient safety and for the integrity of the orthodontic profession, we fully intend to escalate our advocacy efforts until all orthodontic wax is fully compliant with current healthcare product standards.”

In a letter to the American Association of Orthodontists, OrVance stated, “We believe it unfair that OrthoDots® CLEAR must compete on price with a product that avoids the costs of current quality and regulatory requirements. Even putting aside the performance and aesthetic benefits of OrthoDots® CLEAR, is it really worth saving only $1 to $2 per patient to dispense an inferior product that knowingly violates current quality and regulatory requirements? Generic dental wax is in clear violation of longstanding regulations within the EU as well as globally accepted healthcare quality and safety standards.”

Orthodontist, Author and Advisor to OrVance Dr. Mart McClellan added, “Scrutiny of our profession is certain to increase if we continue to ignore the noncompliance and poor performance of the most commonly dispensed product in our profession. Now that we finally have a solution, we need more urgency within our profession to address this quality issue for the benefit of our patients.”