dunnhumby: Global Leader in Customer Data Science

dunnhumby: Global Leader in Customer Data Science

Jose Gomes, MD of North America, dunnhumbyJose Gomes, MD of North America
Retail has never been more competitive. Amid new market entrants and moves from existing competitors, rapid growth of e-commerce, and increasing pressure on retail margins from deflation; it is essential for retailers in North America to offer a more valuable and satisfying customer experience to compete today. They need partners and solutions to help them increase market share by improving value perception, reduce costs through improved efficiencies and support their digital migration.

For more than 20 years, dunnhumby has partnered with retailers and brands to transform their businesses through customer-centric strategies and data-driven solutions. Using customer data science, retailers gain a deep understanding of their customers, bringing to light customer needs and expectations, and how retailers can create a more personalized experience, resulting in measurable growth. “dunnhumby is the only consultancy that has continually proven to deliver on growth in like-for-like (L4L) sales, profits, and improve market share time and again. Using the power of customer data science, we enable our clients to gain a 360 degree view of their customers and meet their unique business needs with measurable, sustainable growth,” says Jose Gomes, Managing Director of North America at dunnhumby.

Retail Essentials, an intelligence and decision-making toolkit from dunnhumby facilitates data-driven strategies and decision-making for retailers and their customer insight, promotions, operations, and merchandising teams. Used by in-house teams and with dunnhumby experts, organizations can quickly analyze and interpret data to better understand their customers and deliver up to 5 percent L4L annualized sales growth.

Using the power of customer data science, we enable our clients to gain a 360 degree view of their customers

In the most competitive markets, Retail Essentials enables retailers to quickly identify critical issues and understand what customers are buying and how to use customer data to identify behavioral trends and patterns. Operationally, Retail Essentials spots actionable insights in real-time and optimizes return on investment while drilling down into the data to identify priority areas for investment, while creating competitive advantage and gain market share.

Through continuous technological innovation, dunnhumby is constantly improving its ability to help their clients understand customer needs, mindsets, motivations, and how consumers define ‘value’ and ‘loyalty.’ The company is helping retailers and brands evolve their customer relationship initiatives for the 21st century in-store and across digital channels, by defining what Customer First means today. dunnhumby’s customer success stories speak for themselves. Shoprite, for example, is Africa’s largest retailer with 1,000+ stores serving 27 million customers. Partnering with dunnhumby for over three years in South African stores has delivered margin and revenue growth of +1.5 percent.

“We work with transformative, iconic retailers and brands in some of the world’s most competitive markets. By harnessing the vast sources of data available, we help them seamlessly bridge in-store and digital customer experiences to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace,” adds Gomes.

dunnhumby’s next-generation customer science capabilities are termed as predictive and prescriptive. The company aims to continue partnering with other leading solution providers (including JDA and Aptaris) by adding their science and consultative experience while expanding their footprint in other high-transaction volume verticals, especially within e-commerce.

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Pluralsight Partners with Dimension Data to Re-Skill Engineers in DevOps and Automation Across 47 Countries Worldwide

SILICON SLOPES-- Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the technology skills platform, today announced that Dimension Data, a global systems integrator and managed IT services provider, is using Pluralsight to re-skill its engineers in DevOps and automation, across 47 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1983, Dimension Data brings its market-leading expertise in internal IT, technology installation and configuration, and public and private cloud management, to multinational enterprises around the world. To maintain its competitiveness, it’s critical that it has the talent at its disposal to uphold its reputation and continue to deliver the technology innovation that its customers demand.

“The technology landscape is actually moving faster than any sole person can keep up with. Being able to rapidly up-skill for client requests is crucial,” said Anthony Shaw, Group Director, Talent and Talent Management at Dimension Data. “With Pluralsight, we’re able to do that, which is why we’ve chosen them as our skill development partner.”

Pluralsight enables Dimension Data to quickly see skills gaps across teams in different geographies. The technology skills platform also enables Dimension Data to swiftly bring together virtual teams across different countries, to address immediate client needs. Before Pluralsight, identifying skills was limited to certifications and accreditations that were listed in HR documents. In a tech world where certifications are becoming increasingly irrelevant, understanding people’s true skills and where they are geographically, has been critical to Dimension Data’s success.

Since using Pluralsight, Dimension Data is also increasingly seeing engineers demonstrate skills that directly deliver to a client and can further enhance their business.

“We measure the worth of Pluralsight by demonstrated client value. There is nothing more important than the value you deliver to a client and the meaningful interactions that employees have as they deploy products,” added Shaw. “I have lots of testimonials of engineers who've used the skills they’ve learned at Pluralsight as leverage to deliver value for clients. And I keep on hearing those stories.”

Pluralsight has become so critical for Dimension Data, the company now has a self-registration process for access to the Pluralsight platform so anyone can register on the internal portal. By shifting the spending model, Dimension Data has moved its instructor-led training budget into an online technology skills platform and is now able to serve all of its technical staff as opposed to a small percentage of it, with significant cost savings as a result.

“Before Pluralsight, we were spending about 75% of our training on external classroom training, but only training about 13% of our staff,” said Shaw. “So the savings and skills that come from using Pluralsight are exponential. We can train our entire staff faster and more cost effectively.”

Dimension Data Signs AI Data Centre Partner Deal With NVIDIA

NVIDIA is rapidly becoming a major player in the data centre market and is now signing partnership deals globally to extend its reach in the growing AI/machine learning market.

Dimension Data has been awarded Preferred Partner status within the NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) Partner Network, with the MSP and system integrator using the accreditation to promote its ability to deliver artificial intelligence solutions in data centres.

The company will base those solutions on NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). Headquartered in Johannesburg, Dimension Data employs 28,000 people across 47 countries, and is part of the NTT Group.

“As our customers begin to adopt AI, the high-performance computing power required to perform complex analysis on large volumes of unstructured data is becoming more prevalent in our daily conversations,” said John Taylor, go-to-market leader for digital infrastructure at Dimension Data UK&I.

He said: “NVIDIA perfectly complements our existing ecosystem of data centre partners, which includes Cisco, Dell EMC and NetApp, and will enable us to design, deploy and manage data centre infrastructure solutions for the most demanding HPC and hyperscale workloads.”

Dimension Data already provides AI/machine learning data technology solutions to the organisers of the Tour de France.

“A significant investment in this technology will likely come from our clients in financial services, insurance and legal, who are already investigating how they can take advantage of AI and machine learning to innovate and create new services for their customers,” said Taylor.

Alan Rogers, enterprise partner business manager for NEMEA at NVIDIA, said: “Dimension Data’s technical expertise, combined with its data centre, networking and cybersecurity capabilities, make it a ‘go-to’ systems integrator for HPC and AI solutions.”

Earlier this year, NVIDIA launched its DGX-Ready data centre programme with colocation partners to make the deployment of AI-based data centres less complex.

Last month, NVIDIA agreed a deal to acquire data centre interconnectivity systems player Mellanox for a total enterprise value of around $6.9bn, with both Microsoft and Intel having been interested in capturing the company.

Comdata's Solution for Your Financial Troubles!

In the digital world, Comdata has brought an amusing solution, which helps not just for easier transactions but also in keeping a track on the financial as well as budgeting decisions.

FREMONT, CA: “Our mission is to offer modern businesses a better way to pay,” said Kurt Adams, President of Comdata. “We do that not by building products, but by offering technology and support services that help companies build world-class payment programs.”
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