Nebraska Book Company: Retail Software Empowers College Campuses

Nebraska Book Company: Retail Software Empowers College Campuses

Jeremy White, Senior VP of IT, Nebraska Book CompanyJeremy White, Senior VP of IT
The rise of eCommerce is influencing the student community to increasingly interact with businesses online—causing a direct effect on the bookstore business model. Being the primary hub of interaction for students, staff, and faculty, college bookstores are under tremendous pressure to stay relevant by reducing the cost of course materials. The growing demand for an enhanced customer experience is driving college stores to rethink their business processes through effective IT systems and eCommerce strategies. Having vast experience in the higher education arena, Nebraska Book Company (NBC) provides schools with a suite of Prism software products to run an effective campus-wide retail platform.

NBC’s Prism software suite consists of PrismCore™— an ERP solution that works both on-premise and in the cloud and PrismPOS™—a holistic campus-wide retail management and point of sale (POS) system. NBC also offers PrismMobile™—a completely wireless mobile device to remotely run both back office and POS software from anywhere. In addition, NBC’s proprietary eCommerce platform, PrismWeb™ along with complementary digital services helps stores drive book and general merchandise online sales. PrismInsight™ rounds out the suite of software offering interactive analytic dashboards that can aggregate all campus data into one platform.

A significant advantage to the NBC suite of products and services is the ability to integrate course material management in the bookstore with the entire campus retail environment.

NBC provides PrismWeb™ through which it delivers an engaging online shopping experience for the students by giving them access to general merchandise and course materials

This all-encompassing PrismCore ERP solution offers inventory management, financial reporting, faculty adoptions of course materials, digital books, rental book solutions, point-of-sale data and the ability to process book and general merchandise orders online. It also syncs perfectly with our PrismWeb eCommerce software.

Extending its impact beyond the bookstore, NBC’s PrismPOS cloud-based software can be implemented across any campus retail location—coffee shops, campus dining facilities, quick-service food shops, post offices, and convenience stores to name a few. This can be done without making any changes to its configuration and creating a seamless look and feel for staff and customers.

Jeremy White, Senior VP of Information Technology, NBC shares, “The PrismPOS system is a single solution tha t provides traditional fixed registers AND mobile devices, creating a consistent user experience across campus. It’s NBC’s top priority to help our clients protect their customer’s information by operating a PCI compliant retail solution along with secure payment processing chip and pin transactions, supported by point-to-point encryption.”

Taking their innovation prowess to new heights, NBC is upgrading their user interface and improving PrismCore functionality. Continuously providing innovative solutions for their 500+ higher education software customers, NBC is successfully helping stores stay relevant with their customers.