Cegid Group: Managing Retail with User-Friendly Platform

Cegid Group: Managing Retail with User-Friendly Platform

Jean Michel Aulas, Chairman, Cegid GroupJean Michel Aulas, Chairman
A significant challenge that many retailers face is to meet up with the ever-changing business process needs and the demands of customers across multiple channels. With the increase in online stores, the buying and selling transactions over a wide range of channels have extended out to the suppliers and distribution partners. Effectual management skills are therefore required for proper management of these pursuits. Cegid, a leading player in the digital transformation of companies by providing them cloud services and enterprise software, addresses the management needs of the clients with their products. Cegid extends its industry-specific solutions to companies in the manufacturing, trade, services, and retail sectors as well as the accounting domain. The firm comprehends the challenges of the retailers and transforms those business impediments into successful and significant returns. “Although we are writing a new chapter of our history, we still have that same entrepreneurial spirit as in our early days,” extols Jean Michel Aulas, Chairman and CEO, Cegid.

The company’s flagship, Yourcegid Retail suite, analyzes the procurement processes and outsourcing needs and depicts detailed information according to the customer requirements. The software also caters to the retailers’ requirements by managing exports, supply chain optimization, control and security, logistics, and planning to name a few. The amalgamation of the procurement and production factors enables in the budgeting process and facilitates plan targeted ranges alongside addressing consumer demands and preferences. Highlighting potential problems and solving them with solutions during the course of production is one of the key attributes of Yourcegid. The software creates a perfect equilibrium between needs, resources, and supplies. Additionally, Yourcegid automatically detects issues related to costs or delays and creates alternatives that satisfy the customers’ entails. Using a strategic omni-channel approach, the software centralizes all information in the supply chain, equipping the retailers to access data at every stage of procurement. This ensures that real-time data is available on key indicators across all channels, enabling better information access for sales.

We are writing a new chapter of our history we still have that same entrepreneurial spirit as in our early days

Yourcegid corroborates optimal inventory levels across all sales forecasting retail channels. It synchronizes and promotes sales with stock deliveries ensuring adequate coverage and budgeting.

A retailer necessitates in possessing store management skills for improving the efficiency of store operations. Additionally, integrating back office solution with the daily store operations is an imperative for retail store success. Yourcegid equips retailers in improving sales by increasing their customer service whilst performing multifarious back office jobs and smoothly run the stores.

Yourcegid suite’s POS and store management solution is an easily configurable offering that can be upgraded by mobile POS software to help the store staff to reach beyond the confines of a standard shop layout and deliver personal services to their customers. The software simplifies sales function which includes till sales and receipts, chasing up, exchanges, markdowns, and discounts and recommending alternatives to unavailable products. Alongside, it integrates analysis of data comprising of best selling products, store performance metrics, and KPI objectives.

L’Occitane, a luxury beauty brand, was benefitted by using Yourcegid Retail suite. The company has more than 2,500 stores in 100 countries and required a cohesive solution to manage chain-wide growth of its network of stores. The program, Yourcegid, helped L’Occitane to integrate POS, store operations, inventory management, merchandising, as well as customer relationship management and loyalty across all its stores and channels.

Cegid, with the help of their dedicated support teams, plans to forge forward by delivering cost-effective retail solutions, and satisfy the customers. The annual feedback that Cegid receives from customer survey is instrumental for the company to focus in augmenting its range of offerings to benefit more firms in the retail space.