Realtime POS: Real Time Merchandising Solutions for Smart Retailers

Realtime POS: Real Time Merchandising Solutions for Smart Retailers

In-store retailing has valiantly survived the ravages inflicted upon it by its online format, thanks to retail management systems and Point of Sale (POS) solutions. The new trend in retail management is geared toward creating an omni-channel retail environment. Integrated retail management systems are being designed and developed with a focus on driving growth and revenues, while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Based in Charlotte, NC, Realtime POS is an umbrella retail management solutions provider that caters to the specialty retail sector. The Multi-store Retail Management System offered by Realtime POS is available as a hosted service or private cloud deployment. The key attributes of the solution include an enterprise service-oriented n-Tier architecture, based on Microsoft .NET and SQL, which is equipped to handle thousands of locations at a single point.

The system is designed to offer paramount flexibility and resiliency when deployed in different environments with continuous support for mission critical functions. A prominent aspect of the system is real time data streaming to multiple locations that helps in a synchronized management of multiple aspects in a retail organization. The live streaming functionality relays instant information on transactions as and when they occur, while keeping a tab on inventory movement and employee action. It also offers automatic software updates with a data backup feature and a 24/7 data centre.

Realtime POS is a comprehensive retail solution that caters to a variety of retail segments including apparel, furniture, sporting goods, gifts, and more. The retailers have instant access to transactions at all points, wherein they can effectively monitor and manage different aspects of a retail transaction, like inventory movement, product performance, employee performance, franchise information, stock availability, sales data, and other sales activities. The company’s retail management system is centrally managed by a Head Office and the real time data is streamed to and fro from it.
The real time Ecommerce component of the system ensures a seamless integration of multiple components into an existing ASP.NET storefront that supports location and order management, a built in call center functionality, and real time inventory feeds. The system also features a Business Intelligence (BI) module, engineered from the scratch to enable the data centric applications deliver end-user information and detailed retail metrics reports. The retailers also have the option of exporting the reports generated to different formats for analysis. In addition, this module provides a retailer with data mining capabilities to dissect data to gain insights and improve the decision making prowess. It provides retail firms with capabilities like a centralized inventory and seamless order processing..

The offline operation attribute of the POS system allows retailers to operate even when they don’t have internet access

The offline operation attribute of the POS system allows retailers to operate even when they don’t have internet access. This is particularly useful during instances where there is a sudden loss of network connectivity during a transaction. In such cases, the data is saved offline and is transferred to the head office after the connection has been re-established. Furthermore, the tool enables companies in crafting location specific sales and marketing campaigns, enforcing variable pricing schemes, and scheduling promotions based on vendors and product categories. The POS tool empowers retailers to provide their customers with personalized customer care through streamlined loyalty programs based on customer history and other trends. With retailers focusing on aggressive marketing strategies for mobile and online to offline services, Realtime POS is intent on providing its clients with sophisticated touch screen POS applications in the near future.